Taitung: 16 townships full of charm

Taitung has mountains, valleys, rivers, and the ocean. When you come to Taitung, you can wander around in nature's boundless classroom and unload your mundane thoughts to freely enjoy the land's beauty and slow living.
Taitung is surrounded by mountains and the ocean, which nurtures abundant natural resources and produce. Quality rice grows in this great natural environment, which also produces tea, daylilies, sugar apples, smoked skipjack tunas, and marlins. These pure, natural and delicious specialties are the humble pride of Taitung.
In the beautiful surroundings of Taitung, the cultural and festive characteristics of the six indigenous peoples (Amis, Puyuma, Rukai, Bunun, Paiwan and Tao) are preserved to display their rich and diverse culture. Taitung is a fabulous city where nature and culture are worth relishing slowly.


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