Bike Check-in

BIKE Check-in

  • Time / Location:

     Distance  Time  Location
     226K/113K  4/22 Fri. 14:00 - 20:00  TA Taitung Forest Park
     51.5K  4/24 Sun. 04:30 - 06:00
     25.75K  4/23 Sat. 13:00 - 17:00
     TA Taitung Embankment
     Junior (age7-15)  4/23 Sat. 13:00 - 17:00
     Junior (age3-6)  4/24 Sun. 08:00 - 09:00  TA Flowing Lake
  • Procedures:

Step1 Before you leave for Transition Area, please checks that you’ve brought the following items: 

1. Race bibs and timing chip (Athlete must enter transition area by Race bibs)

2. Bike and Bike Stickers (Please paste the bike stickers on the bike)

3. Transition Bags and Transition Bag Stickers
 (Please paste the Transition Bag stickers on the transition bags.) (226/113K only)

4. Bike Helmet and helmet stickers. Event Staffs will check your helmet at Bike Check-In.

5. Other race equipment. Include race number, bike shoes, running shoes, sunglasses…etc.
 Please place them  inside the transition bags.

Step2 Paste bike stickers, helmet stickers, and transition bag stickers at the describing area.
Step3 Arrive Transition Area with your Athlete Wristband.
Step4 Bike adjustment (Bike mechanic available on site)
Step5 After the event staffs exam your bike and helmet, you can then enter the transition area.

Bike Racking and Transition Bag Setup

Rack your bike at the corresponding race number, and please remember the location. Bike helmet should be hung in the bike. Other race equipment should be placed inside the transition bag. The transition bag should be delivered to Bike Transition Area and Running Transition Area.

※Important Notice:
 a) Please put on your bike helmet at bike check-in.
 b) The athletes cannot enter the transition area other than opening time. 
 c) Non-race related items should not be inside the transition area.
 d) Before leaving the transition area, event staffs will record athlete race number again.
 e) Please rack you bikes as shown in the picture. 

Streetwear Bag / Special Need Bag Setup

  • Streetwear Bag

     Distance  Time  Location
     226K  4/23 Sat. 04:30 - 05:30  under Zhonghua Bridge
     113K  4/23 Sat. 04:30 - 07:00  under Zhonghua Bridge
     51.5K  4/24 Sun. 04:30 - 06:00  under Zhonghua Bridge
     25.75K  4/24 Sun. 04:30 - 05:30  under Zhonghua Bridge
     Pick up Location:Finish EXPO/Pick up Time:09:00 - Finish EXPO closed

  • Transitions Bag
     Distance  Time  Location
     226K/113K  4/22 Fri. 14:00 - 20:00  TA Taitung Forest Park
  • Special Need Bag
     Distance  Time  Location
     226K  4/23 Sat. 04:30 - 05:30  under Zhonghua Bridge

    Pick up Location:
    Special Need Bag(Bike) - Paong'ong Turning point

    Special Need Bag(Run) - Intersection of Mahengheng Blvd and Jinzhou street.

Bike Check-out 

  • Bike Check-out

     Distance  Time  Location
     226K  4/23 Sat. 16:30 - 23:30  TA Taitung Forest Park
     113K  4/23 Sat. 13:00 - 19:00
     51.5K  4/24 Sun. 09:30 - 12:00
     25.75K  4/24 Sun. 09:00 - 10:30  TA Taitung Embankment
     Junior (age 7-15)  4/24 Sun. 11:30
     Junior (age  3-6)  4/24 Sun. 10:30  TA Flowing Lake
  • Transition Bag pick up

     Distance  Time  Location
     226K  4/23 Sat. 16:30 - 23:30  TA Taitung Forest Park
     113K  4/23 Sat. 13:00 - 19:00

    Athletes should present their race number and chip at check-out. 
    Signature will also be required at check-out. Event staff will take picture of you and your equipment.