2017/08/16 2017-08-16 - Bike shipping


Jouer Velo 和我一起愛運動工作室

單人賽事來回費用: 1500元

※ 一人限10台
※ 車種限制 - 彎把公路車/計時車
※ 到府收車:限 台北市 / 新北市 來回費用,$500/台(收送車時間21:00~24:00)
※ 到店託運(營業時間13:00~21:00)

Jouer Velo 和我一起愛運動工作室

TEL:(02)85225801 | Mobile:0988-332 801 |



Our slogan – easy ship your bike, easy finish the race, the service we provide is to let the athletes easily to prepare for the race and easy go home.

Bicycle shipping has is professional and complicated. We have the new APP management system and transportation insurance, and will not ship bicycles in a dangerous way. All bike are placed on the venue, we also have a custom frame to ensure that your bike is safe in delivery.

We have high quality of service, and this is why Challenge Taiwan choose us to be an official bike shipping. Thank you for your support, so that our quality service can continue to provide to everyone.
In order to maintain the quality of service, the number of bike shipping slot is limited, come to register now!

Bike shipping